1) Choose a topic for your video from the approved list below.  You may combine multiple topics for your video.  

2) The video length must be between 15-60 seconds.

3) The video must be clear what topic or topics the video is on.  Be creative in how you communicate this.  Could be communicated at the beginning of the video, through content, etc.  Whatever you decide make sure the user understands what the video is on.  Again, the more creative the better.  

4) When finished make sure to name the video with your First and Last Name.  The video must be submitted using the registration form on this website.

5) You can start submitting videos on the 1st of every month.  Starting on the 5th of the month you can start sharing the Video Gallery page for people to see your video and vote.  Your video will be found by looking for your Name, School and City.   Remember: A person can only vote on 1 video, per day.

6) Voting ends at the end of the month and winners will be announced.  Then, we invite you to enter again for the next month.  The more videos the better. 

Approved Video Topics

ScholarClips was created to give you a platform to let people know who you are and your thoughts on different topics.  Everyone has their own Story.  Their own His/Herstory.  Their own experiences.  This is the place to express that.  Do what you do best – be creative, be funny, be truthful, be inspiring, etc.  

If you can incorporate a song into the video, a dance, a talent, magic trick, other talent, etc. into the video then do it!  Have fun with it.  

Good deeds for others and challenge 2 others to do same

What do you see in the world that is good

Show your typical day or routine

What would you say to yourself at 50 years old

Best way you can help those with mental health issues

What you are doing to help the environment

Document a fundraising event and why you support

“What would you do” situations

Mottos, Quotes you live by and why

Do you have any famous relatives

What do you want to be when you grow up

How has playing sports helped you with your education

How has your job helped you regarding work ethic

Differences between your upbringing and your parents

If you want to serve in the military, then why

How has being adopted or orphaned affected you

How important is your pet and how do they help you

How has your parent/guardian with a disability or sickness affected you

How does it make you feel to be the first in your family to go to college

Have you had to rehab from an injury and what did you learn from it

What challenges have you had to overcome and what lessons have been learned

How has your participation in sports benefited your school work and your life

Who do you admire most

What accomplishments are you most proud of and why

What extracurricular activities are the most meaningful to you 

What talent do you have that you want to turn into a career


What’s your 5-year plan 

Who is your biggest inspiration and why

What things that have changed in your lifetime

Why we should not prejudge people – example

Handicap/Disabled Awareness

What captivates you

Talk to a stranger and ask them 3 questions

How do you impact the world and people around you

What is something people don’t know about you

People you have met that have made a big impact on you

How has your parent who received a Purple Heart affected you

What made you want to return to school as an older adult

How has being raised by a single parent affected you

What lessons have you learned from your veteran parent

What questions would your pet have for you and how would you answer

What are your best babysitting routines

What lessons have you learned from your migrant parent(s)

What have you learned from 1st generation immigrant parent

What have you learned from being a 1st generation immigrant

What is it like to be a twin and how does it affect your school life

How has being homeless or formerly homeless affected you

What lessons have you learned from your grandparents

How important is your involvement with Arts and/or Dance in your education

Tell us about yourself – open question

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen at your school

Demonstrate a talent you have and why it is beneficial for people to be able do this talent

Suggested questions to ask yourself to help you get started

  • Do you have a personal experience with topic? Can you explain or re-create it? Do you have pictures to show?
  • What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of this topic? Is it funny, sad, reflective, etc.?
  • Is this a topic important to you? Have you been affected by this topic? What are you doing to help or improve?
  • Did you ever meet someone who changed your mind on a topic? How did they change your mind?

Things to remember when making your video

  • Videos cannot contain any profanity, vulgarity, obscene images, inapropriate connotations, etc. Period.

  • Only 1 video can be submitted, per student, per month.

  • Videos cannot contain any views that are considered racist, bigoted, judgmental, disparaging to any group of people. Period.

  • Videos cannot include any judgements or views on anyone else’s religion, politics, race, creed, sexual orientation, etc. Period. 

  • It might be helpful to view other submitted videos on the website to see what others are doing.  Also, it may be helpful to search for video content suggestions relating to short videos.  These types of videos are very popular as you know and there is some great advice/tips out there with everything from Opening Video Greetings, content type, what to include or not include, etc.     

  • VERY IMPORTANT – Of course, if you upload a video you are still considered the owner of the video.  But, when you upload a video you are also permitting ScholarClips and its owner to promote your video on internet platforms, websites, etc. in order to increase exposure for ScholarClips and also help you earn even more votes by attracting new viewers to your video and hopefully receiving additional votes.  With all videos uploaded to ScholarClips the goal is to get as many people as possible to view and vote on videos which benefits both the video creator/uploader and ScholarClips. 

    Got it. It’s easy for us to make sure the videos are appropriate. If we think any video is remotely offensive to anyone, then we will not approve the video and it will not be accepted.  So, that would mean the time someone took to make the video would be a complete waste of time. 

Scholarship Payouts

1st     $1,000

2nd    $750

3rd     $500

4th     $250

Videos receiving the most votes win a scholarship.  Voters are only allowed to Vote on 1 Video, Per Day. 

Grade School, High School, Vocational/Trade, College & University Students, Graduate Schools, Homeschoolers & Online Education.

Users who received enough votes to win a scholarship will be awarded money to be paid out directly to the student to be used for tuition and school related expenses.

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